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  • Provides Leaders with Insight, Enhanced Professionalism, and Greater Performance
  • Develops Additional Capacity through Assessments, Feedback, and Accountability
  • Supports Succession Planning and Management to Ensure the Future

Can your current leaders transition your organization to the next level?

Leadership Workshops
  • Team Building and Group Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Professional Presence Workshops
  • 360-Degree Workshops


 Do your teams operate collaboratively and at maximum potential?

Succession Management
  • Analysis of Current and Future Leadership Requirements
  • Identification of Gaps and Opportunities
  • Solutions to Developing the Organization's Talent, including The Circle of Leadership™ Programs


Have you established an ongoing process for leadership development and succession?

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Welcome to Bixler Consulting Group

Since 1980, Bixler Consulting Group has worked nationally and internationally with over 1,500 companies in developing leadership skills for mid-level managers and senior-level executives. Our Executive Coaching, Leadership Workshops, and Succession Management enable individuals and organizations to excel in a highly competitive, transforming marketplace.

Bixler Executive Coaching provides six-month and twelve-month programs that ensure significant professional growth that is tied into key business initiatives. Our process identifies strengths and addresses self-defeating behaviors to improve the performance of our clients. Our program renews the commitment and energy of each of our coaching clients by providing fresh thinking and insight into becoming a better leader. Target audience: mid-level leaders to senior management. Learn more about Bixler Executive Coaching.

Bixler Leadership Workshops are offered in four areas: Team Building and Group Coaching, Strategic Planning, Professional Presence, and 360-Degree. Each is designed for professional growth, a more collaborative team environment, and increased productivity. They provide a platform to improve communication, build self-confidence, enhance credibility and trust, and increase accountability among team members. Target audience: mid-level leaders to senior management. Learn more about Bixler Leadership Workshops.

Bixler Succession Management provides a professional, unbiased analysis of an organization's key talent needs.  Looking at both the present and future business requirements, recommendations are made to create bench strength in all pivotal positions.  This is accomplished through Executive Coaching, Leadership Workshops, and year-long group coaching through The Circle of Leadership™ Programs.  Assessment tools include the Bixler 360-Degree Report, the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series, and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument among other corporate surveys. Target audience: mid-level leaders to senior management. Learn more about Bixler Sucession Management.  

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Bixler Spotlights ... 2015

May 17, 2015 -- Millennials Raise $100,000 for Homeless Veterans and celebrate Memorial Day

The first annual Trinity Combine Decathlon was conceived and organized by 10 Atlanta Millennials with a goal to raise $100,000 to benefit homeless veterans at Trinity Community Ministries.  They met and surpassed this!   126 former professional but mostly non-professional athletes competed for bragging rights; more importantly they found a way to give back to veterans in need who gave so much for our country.  Trinity Community Ministries has helped over 1,000 homeless men since 1988.   

Willis Reavis, a former homeless veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, competed in the Combine.  “The opposite of success isn’t failure because failure is part of success, but it’s quitting.”  Willis has reclaimed his life with a full time job and a bright future through the Trinity House residential program.  

The Combine event included a 400-meter run, a football throw, a 40-yard dash, a 500-meter row, bench press, pull ups, dips, vertical jump, a 200-yard shuttle run and an 800-meter run.   Sponsors included RockTenn, Synovus, Ironwood Insurance, Bixler Consulting Group, Trader Joes, Lulu Lemon, Kind Bars, CrossFit 404, and King of Pops.

Trinity Combine female jumping 5 17 15 resized 600

Trinity Combine crowd 5 17 15 resized 600

Trinity Combine athletes 5 17 15 resized 600



January 21, 2015 -- Hilton Graduation, McLean, Virginia

The 2014 class of Hilton General Managers recently graduated from the Hilton Executive Roundtable, a year-long leadership program provided by Bixler Consulting Group.  There were a host of luminaries in the audience, including Rob Palleschi, Global Head of Full Service Hilton. The presentations highlighted a variety of personal achievements and strong business results from this past year.  The theme that echoed over and over was that when you start in business, you work on yourself.  But you become a leader when you work on the development of others.  Congratulations to this dynamic group of Hilton GMs.  As life-long alumni of the class, their leadership will enhance their teams, the Hilton brand, and provide continued support of each other throughout their careers.

Hilton ER 2014 Grads resized 600



February 3, 2015 -- Lessons in Leadership featuring Steve Cannon, CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA 

Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, was warmly welcomed today to the Atlanta business community, which was recently chosen as the new national headquarters for the company.  Hala Moddelmog, President of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, led a lively discussion on how the father of 9 children successfully runs the U.S. business.   Following were my favorite take-aways.  

What keeps him up at night - How to find and hire the best people.  "Great people have the natural inclination to build cultures of service and community in every department, at every location.  Culture is transportable, a movable feast.  It provides a huge benefit relative to the investment. I have studied culture and as an economics major, I know it provides the greatest ROI to an organization of anything that we can do to build the business.  "   

His favorite non-profit - Along with his class at West Point, Steve Cannon founded "Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation."  The foundation has provided 16,000 college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.       

His favorite book - Team of Rivals – A prize winning biography of Abraham Lincoln's political genius in assembling a contentious but powerful cabinet. As Cannon hires 600 employees for his Atlanta management team, he is committed to building the most well-rounded team possible.

His strategy for Mercedes - To sell the entry level Mercedes (which is almost the same price point as a loaded Ford Focus) to Milllenials and keep them as loyal Mercedes customers all their lives.  "We want to continue to provide one of the safest cars in the world and bring all the controls to the steering wheel, so that the driver never needs to look down at a display screen or let go of the wheel." 

Steve Cannon Mercedes Benz resized 600

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