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The 360-Degree Workshop

The Bixler 360-Degree Feedback Report© together with our group coaching create The 360-Degree Workshop©. It is a structured, customized, and relevant process to leverage strengths and manage weaknesses with clear action steps, a realistic timeline, and ongoing accountability. Participants become more aware of how others perceive them, where their strengths reside, and how stress and blind spots are derailing them.

We're all curious about how we're viewed by others in the workplace, but seldom do we have the opportunity to receive honest, fair feedback. This workshop provides that opportunity in a confidential, well-crafted and safe environment. 

The 360-Degree Feedback©
The Report evaluates seven core competencies:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Leadership
  3. Innovation
  4. Building Talent
  5. Character
  6. Professional
  7. Execution

Our programs also provide ongoing support so that development doesn't end with the written 360-Degree Feedback Report. Follow up executive coaching, phone coaching, and peer-to-peer coaching can be combined depending on client needs. 

The Process
Participants select 12 to 15 raters to evaluate them, including direct supervisors, superiors, peers, direct reports, and themselves. The raters answer a series of questions in each of the seven competency areas. These questions are answered using a secure third-party website, and all answers are completely confidential.

The feedback is sent to Bixler Consulting Group where it is compiled into a written report created just for the individual. This report focuses on the participant's strengths and talents as well as opportunities for development and improvement. The top 10 strengths and the top 10 development areas are identified in each individual report.

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