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About Bixler Consulting Group

Since 1980, Bixler Consulting Group has helped clients become stronger, more effective leaders. Founded as The Professional Image, Inc. and transitioned into Bixler Consulting Group, we were one of the first companies to emphasize the importance of professional image and executive presence in business leadership development.

As a trusted partner to over 1,500 businesses and corporations, Bixler Consulting Group provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Workshops, and Succession Management services including The Circle of LeadershipTM, a year-long program for high performers. These customized programs help grow business skills, sustain strong leadership, and create remarkable business results.

Our team of experienced coaches has three decades of expertise in fifteen industries. We administer a comprehensive suite of seven well researched and validated assessments. These foundational assessments provide our clients with an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, their personalities, and their thinking preferences as well as feedback from their colleagues and supervisors. Our goal is to provide insights to our clients that synthesize their unique abilities as they grow into better leaders. 

Our Mission

To be a valued resource partner by providing our clients with customized programs and resources to grow themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

Our Values

To listen well, work hard,  and make a significant difference in the lives of our clients and their companies.

Our Vision

To become a trusted resource partner for our clients and their businesses so they retain their best people, develop future leaders, and have strong succession planning in place for every key position.

Our Ethics

We are committed to the highest level of professional integrity and confidentiality with every client.